Microsoft Rebrands Edge as AI Browser

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  • Microsoft has rebranded its Edge browser as the AI Browser, with new AI-focused features.

Microsoft Rebrands Edge as AI Browser

Microsoft has rebranded its Edge browser as the AI Browser, emphasizing the browser's AI capabilities. The new version of the browser includes AI-focused features such as integration with Copilot and GPT-4.

According to an article on ExtremeTech, "The smartphone version of Microsoft’s web browser is no longer Edge on Mobile—it’s Microsoft Edge: AI Browser." This change comes just days after Microsoft released Copilot, its AI assistant, in app form for iOS and Android.

The new AI Browser includes integration with Copilot, which allows users to generate text with GPT-4 and images with DALL-E 3. This feature is showcased in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store listings for the AI Browser.

Microsoft has been eager to dominate the recent AI race, as evidenced by its AI-focused Surface laptops and new partnership with TomTom. The company's CEO, Satya Nadella, has even made comments about turning the Windows Start button into a Copilot button.

Not everyone is thrilled about the mobile browser’s new name, with some users calling the change “hot garbage.” However, Microsoft is taking the rebrand as an opportunity to show off the browser’s AI features.

The rebranding of Microsoft Edge in Microsoft Edge: AI Browser is a reflection of the increasing importance of AI in the online world. The change may not have a significant impact on the browser's basic functionality, but it signals Microsoft's commitment to developing AI-based features for its products.

In addition to the AI Browser, Microsoft has also introduced Copilot as a standalone app for Android and iOS, and has shared plans for Windows 12, the first system optimized for AI.

In conclusion, Microsoft's rebranding of Edge as the AI Browser is a clear indication of the company's commitment to AI technology. With the integration of Copilot and GPT-4, the new browser promises to offer a more intelligent and interactive browsing experience.

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